Monday, May 2, 2011

Who is going to sell you?

(originally posted by Mr. Ronald D. Worth on Apr 25th, 2011 on

We live in a world of political correctness while striving to be considerate of others we encounter during work. That is all very well and good, but during the course of a day you need to take some time to focus selfishly on yourself, if you plan to move forward with your career and achieve your goals. No one understands you better than you do. Also no one knows what you are accomplishing or where you are headed. Keep those who have the power or influence to decide your future regularly informed about what you are doing.

Being assertive does not make you aggressive or outspoken, it is just a professional approach to ensuring you are consistently moving forward while encouraging those around you to stay engaged in (or at least knowledgeable about) our aspirations and good deeds. Now is a good time to be visible and recognized for your hard work.

In the book, “Yes, You Can!” by Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman, they provide 10 great ways to help you to sell yourself effectively. Give them a try:

1. “First, be certain you have a good product to market. Be very good at what you do.

2. Keep key decision makers informed on an ongoing basis of developments within your area of expertise that are of interest to the firm and/or chapter.

3. Submit articles for publication in your company’s newsletter that highlight your responsibilities and your accomplishments. Offer to write a monthly column.

4. Ask your boss to take you to staff meetings attended by high-ranking company officials. Without being pushy, introduce yourself to any higher-ups you encounter.

5. Ask your boss for opportunities to showcase your presentation skills to upper management. (Sharpen those skills first!)

6. Greet top-level managers whenever and wherever you see them. Use a simple, “Hello, Ms. Roberts.” After a while they’ll begin asking and finding out who you are.

7. Author, or coauthor with your boss, reports that will have high visibility. Make sure you name appears on the cover.

8. Volunteer for assignments that will bring you into contact with a wide variety of new people both inside and outside the company.

9. Be sure your boss sees any written commendations you receive from customers.

10. Be kind and helpful to as many coworkers as you can, and let work of mouth do the rest.”

If I am not for myself, who will be? If I am only for myself, what am I?
--Hillel The Elder

Feeling sorry for yourself is one of the strongest, most addictive narcotics known to man. It feels so good to feel so bad. Self-pity arises so easily, seems so plausible, and proves so hard to shake off.
--David Powlison